Can you help me understand why my knitting machine drops stitches?

Encountering dropped stitches in the midst of your knitting project on a knitting machine can be immensely frustrating. This typically indicates that a mistake has occurred, prompting the need to backtrack and rectify the error.

The primary reason for dropped stitches on a knitting machine is often linked to how the stitch is placed on the needle. If a stitch is incorrectly placed or if the machine knits through the back instead of the front of a stitch, it can result in dropped stitches. A vigilant approach to monitoring your knitting is essential to catch such issues promptly.

Although dealing with dropped stitches can be disheartening, it’s important not to be discouraged. There are proactive measures you can take to prevent dropped stitches, and with experience, you’ll become more adept at using your knitting machine efficiently. Continuous attention to your knitting process is key to minimizing errors and ensuring a smoother knitting experience.

What does “dropped a stitch” mean?

When someone mentions they’ve “dropped a stitch,” it means that a stitch slipped off the end of their knitting needle. This often occurs when knitting or purling, and the yarn is wrapped around the needle multiple times instead of just once. Dropping a stitch can be either intentional or accidental.

Intentional drop stitches can add a creative touch to your knitting projects. Many patterns incorporate drop stitches strategically, providing a unique and textured look to the finished piece. For example, the seafoam stitch is a popular drop stitch technique where different stitches are wrapped around the needle at varying times across a row. This method creates a distinctive wavy pattern, particularly favored for scarves.

If you accidentally drop a stitch, the good news is that fixing it is usually straightforward. As you gain more experience in knitting, you’ll become more adept at preventing unintentional dropped stitches. Learning the intricacies of your craft will empower you to avoid such mishaps and enhance the overall quality of your knitting projects.


Dealing with dropped stitches on your knitting machine can be quite exasperating, especially considering that the machine is designed to streamline and expedite the knitting process. Fortunately, rectifying a dropped stitch is a straightforward task requiring only a crochet needle and a bit of patience. Locate the dropped stitch and guide it back through your project to restore continuity.

Even if you discover a dropped stitch several rows down, there’s no need to worry; the solution remains accessible. Armed with a crochet needle, identify the dropped stitch and carefully weave it back through your work until you reach the top.

For those who prefer traditional needle knitting, preventing dropped stitches can be as easy as utilizing corks. Simply tailor the corks to fit snugly onto your needles, embellish them as desired, and keep them on your needles during use and when setting them aside.

Follow these tips and consider the recommended products to ensure the success of your knitting projects. Explore my other articles for answers to your sewing-related queries. Happy knitting!

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