singer 9960 sewing & quilting machine review

singer 9960 sewing & quilting machine review

A computerized sewing machine, the Singer 9960 is able to perform as many as 600 stitches per minute and has direct stitch selection. This model also includes an automatic needle threader, an automatic thread cutter and an auto reverse lever. It has a large work area that allows you to easily use this machine for quilting and the manufacturer even included a free quilting foot so you can get started right away! The 9960 comes with a whole array of features included in this high speed machine including:

  • 600 Stitches per Minute
  • Direct Stitch Selection
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Extra Large Work Area

direct stitch selection

When it comes to the mechanics of using this machine, you have a few options. You can select stitches directly on the machine by using one of four stitch selection methods:

  • Touching an icon on the LCD screen
  • Turning a dial
  • Using a knob
  • Pressing a button

600 stitches per minute

A sewing machine can have anywhere from 100 to 1,000 stitches per minute, but if you’re looking for a machine that has 600 stitches in a minute then this is the one for you! One stitch every second? Amazing. A sewing machine with more stitches per minute is great for amateurs and professionals alike. If you’re capable of finishing your project in less than an hour, then it’s time to move up to a faster pace.

Also, if you consider yourself to be a professional or have been involved in the profession for years, then 600 stitches per minute might just be what you need. If you want to get your work done fast and still have time left over at the end of the day then this is going to be right up your alley!

sewing & quilting foot included

The good news? You won’t need any additional feet for this machine because it comes with the foot you’ll use for sewing and quilting. I really love this feature because we all know feet can be so expensive. You also won’t have to worry about threading your needle because this machine has a built-in automatic needle threader. And guess what? It also has an automatic thread cutter. Yep, it just keeps getting better! This is one thing that I wish all my machines had – they don’t, but they should!

It also has a reverse lever so you can easily sew in reverse and secure your stitching when you’re done with a project. The work area is also nice and big, which gives you ample room to work on larger projects like quilts.

built-in automatic needle threader

One of the key features of Singer 9960 sewing & quilting machine is that it has a built-in automatic needle threader. The automatic needle threading system is easily one of the most convenient features of this sewing machine, which makes working with it that much easier. With just one touch, you can have your needle threaded and ready to go, without straining your eyes or putting too much pressure on yourself trying to get everything right.

This feature also works very well in reducing eye-strain, which can make sewing at night a little uncomfortable since you need to focus more intently on the task at hand while using poorly lit spaces (the built-in lights help here). Working under these conditions often causes headaches and/or headaches after a long period of time spent working in such an environment as well! If you are looking for something new and exciting but don’t want any hassle when getting started then I would recommend checking out this machine because not only does it save time but it will also save money as well!

automatic thread cutter

The automatic presser foot lifter feature comes in handy. The presser foot lifts automatically to allow for easy placement of fabrics. As a result, it makes the process of threading quick and easy.

This machine also has an automatic thread cutter that is quite convenient for any sewing enthusiast. You will not have to use scissors anymore because this Singer machine does the work for you. This saves time and gives you precision when you are working on your projects.

auto reverse lever

You may notice that we’ve used a few different terms to refer to this feature, such as “automatic reverse lever”, “reverse stitch lever”, and “reverse stitching”. Don’t be alarmed—these are simply the different ways that sewing machine manufacturers describe the same function!

The automatic reverse stitching feature enables you to reinforce stitches with ease by alternating between forward and backward movements. You may find it helpful for starting or ending seams, or for anchoring other types of stitches like zig-zags, satin stitches, and buttonholes. The benefit is that you can do all this without having to manually switch your direction by hand–this function automates that process for you!

extra large work area

As the name states, this particular model is meant to help you quilt with ease. If you’ve ever tried to quilt on a standard sewing machine, then you know that it’s not an easy task. You have to be careful and precise otherwise things can get ugly fast. The Singer 9960 has a large work area that allows for a bigger workspace to hold your quilts and projects in place as you sew them together. If you are working on a king-sized quilt or other large project the Singer 9960 will help make the job so much easier. Sometimes the best feature about something is its simplicity; in that case, this machine really shines!

this machine has tons of features and it is easy to use.

The Singer 9960 is easy to use: the machine is light and stable, it’s ready to sew in less than 10 seconds after you turn it on, and its small size makes it easy to store and move. The automatic needle threader goes from the spool to the eye of the needle in just a second or two, no more squinting or fiddling with your glasses trying to make sure that thread gets into its proper place. Once you’re all threaded up, you can start sewing straight away: just step on the foot pedal and there’s no need for adjusting speed (though you can do that if you want). And when it’s time to clean up, just press a button or two and everything moves out of your way so you can get right at what needs cleaning.

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